Why your Granny’s Insta posts are more interesting than your business page.

Let me ask you something, when was the last time you looked into your granny’s Instagram profile while randomly scrolling through your phone? Almost never right. But, here’s the fact; your granny’s Instagram posts are more exciting and engaging than your business page. Ouch. 

It may seem odd to compare your brand’s social media presence to your granny’s Instagram posts, but the truth is, she’s doing something right. She shares her personal thoughts, keeps them real, and creates content that’s true to her and this attracts followers that resonate with her thoughts. Similarly, your business can adopt a more personal approach to connect with your audience and differentiate yourself in the competitive world of social media. Embracing your brand’s unique personality and creating engaging content can help build a stronger connection with your followers.

Keep it real

Better late than never, right? With the help of one of the best digital marketing agencies, your brand can stand out and be more captivating than your competitors. The very first move is to add emotion. Nobody wants to read dry, boring content that sounds like a robot. Add some personality to your brand’s voice and tone. Don’t forget to be funny, witty, and sarcastic. The audience always loves a brand that gives them a good old laugh. 

Use visuals: The beauty of design

Now, let’s talk about visuals. Granny may not be a professional photographer, but her posts include cute pet pictures and her infamous quirky garden decor. Take a cue from her and make your visuals more captivating. Incorporating brand-specific visuals can significantly boost brand value, but it’s important to remember that every brand is unique, and the approach to visual content should be tailored to the specific brand. Use vibrant colors, attractive typography, and eye-catching graphics to draw in your audience. Also, don’t miss out on videos. It’s a great way to tell your brand’s story which is both informative and entertaining.

Get creative: The art of storytelling

Next up, tell a story. People always love a good story, it’s a great way to make your brand more relatable to your audience. It can be how your brand started or the behind-the-scenes look at your team’s creative process. Whatever you tell, it should be authentic and engaging. While speaking about authenticity, every brand should be authentic enough to leave a mark on the audience. Sharing the humane side of your brand whether it’s good, bad, or ugly helps in showing the audience the transparency of the brand. Your audience will appreciate the honesty of your brand and it will go long on building trust.

Be entertaining: The joy of humor

Last but not least; don’t forget to have fun. Regarding social media, remember that it’s all about connecting with people, and keeping up with the trends. Don’t be afraid to add some personality and humor to your brand’s social media presence. Try running a contest or sharing memes and GIFs that will captivate your audience and make them chuckle. The more amusing and unforgettable your brand is, the better your relationship with your audience will be. So go ahead, loosen up, and have some fun!

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In a world where social media is saturated with businesses competing for attention, it can be tough to stand out. But by keeping it real, getting creative, being entertaining, using visuals, and making it personal, you can make your brand more interesting and engaging on social media. Also, by utilizing the services of a digital marketing agency you can get a grip on their expertise to create creative, entertaining, and visually compelling content. So, take a cue from your granny’s Insta posts, and start telling your brand’s story in a way that people actually want to hear it.