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The Most Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing Agencies

If you want to stay updated and relevant, yes. The Digital Marketing arena is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. It changes and innovates at such a rapid rate that it is almost impossible keep up on your own. While you have many roles, an agency has a dedicated team whose time and expertise is solely invested in your brand. At Potters Wheel Media, our team works tirelessly to give you the results you want with customized media strategies.

Studies show that around 94% of a websites first impression are related to design and it takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an impression. This leaves a tiny window for you to tell your brand’s story and keep them interested in it.
If design is the framework then content is the foundation. Relevant and interesting content keep your audience invested in your brand and establishes clear channels for you to communicate. Web content, ad copy and blogs help your brand stay relevant and current.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we specialize in media and advertising. This means that we are constantly researching competition, marketing trends and the latest analytics. The agency has a fresher perspective on your brand and the market which allows us to craft unique marketing strategies that help your brand stand out from the rest.

Digital Marketing is an ongoing process. Finding and establishing your brand identity is only the beginning, an effective campaign is one that maintains interest with current customers while reeling in new ones. While an agency can help you see results quickly, it is ideal to stay with a media plan for at least 6-12 months to determine its effectiveness.

With an in-house team you need to hire people for every each post but an agency is a single hire for all your needs! This already makes hiring an agency more cost-effective. From copy to design to social media marketing, your agency builds and executes exclusive marketing strategies for you. Also, as your company grows, the agency will restructure your media plan to suit your new goals and requirements.