Unlock the Potential of your Brand through Digital Marketing

Did you know that there are 5.07 billion internet users worldwide today! And on average global internet users spend up to 6 hours and 37 minutes on the internet every day. In the past year, the number of internet users has been growing by an average of close to half a million new users every day! Now we know why digital marketing is more relevant than ever before.

Digital marketing is a wing of marketing that focuses completely on the digital realm using digital tools to take brand services and products to the right customer.

Digital marketing has opened up an array of opportunities for brands to communicate and connect with their audience. It has bridged the gap between provider and consumer. On the 16th of December, we celebrate World Digital Marketing Day to celebrate the brains behind these ideas and efforts.

Digital Marketing Then & Now

The term digital marketing first came into use during the 1990s with the familiarization of web 1.0. As this version of the internet only allowed one way of communication, this era witnessed more banner advertising. With the early 2000s came the web 2.0 version which allowed better user participation. This resulted in higher user information flow, opening new channels for marketers.

As soon as social media platforms started sprouting and flourishing, over the years marketers identified the plethora of opportunities the internet opened up to connect with customers. Digital marketing has a powerful tool in hand that none of the other marketing techniques could get a hold of- cookies. Over time the efficiency and capabilities of cookies have evolved. It has always been designed to track and understand user behavior and data. This gives marketers enough information to tailor-make campaigns to hit the right target audience in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Digital marketing as a whole is well packaged with features such as branding, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and website development as the main focus. The desired outcome is only viable when there is consistency and creativity in every step.

A Story of Success

Digital marketing is a practice that will give you the right results only when you use the right ingredients. Reaching the right target audience with a message packed in an interesting way with a final touch of high recall value is the focus.

Let us look into the successful digital marketing of CRED to understand this process. CRED is a fintech service provider that allows you to manage and pay all your credit card bills on a single platform and avail rewards for each transaction. Here the key idea is to achieve better credit scores, through better financing. But the catch is that only a customer with a minimum 750 credit score can sign up for CRED.

This criterion helps in streamlining the target audience to employed adults between the age group 25 to 50. This brings us to people who can meet the criteria and be well-versed in using today’s digital payment methods.

Now that they identified the target audience, the next step was to narrow it down to an emotion that would touch them. Well, for the 90s kids (not so kids anymore), what is more relatable than nostalgia and retro? With meticulous planning, the memories from the past were connected to the three main driving forces of India, Cricket, Bollywood, and Politics.

CRED officially partnered with the most entertaining format of cricket, IPL 2020. With a range of campaigns, contests, and gen Y celebrities, and marked their brand presence. They also offered 100% cashback to customers who completed their bill payments through the CRED app. Their excellent implementation of strategies with exciting contests and social media campaigns gained momentum and the brand identity was established.

Another strategy of CRED that went viral was the inclusion of Gen Y stars like Rahul Dravid, Madhuri Dixit, and Anil Kapoor. “Indranagar ka Gunda”- the phrase reminds us of how we saw the ever-calm Rahul Dravid like never before. His action of throwing tantrums amidst a traffic jam fabricated the sense of shock in viewers with great recall value.

While these were some of their strategies from the big picture to reach new audiences, they also constantly work towards educating and appreciating existing customers. While content marketing with regular blogs and newsletters to keep their customers up to date is a drill, “Cake from CRED” is an unusual way of thanking and retaining customers.

CRED is an in-CRED-ible example of smart marketing using the complete potential of the digital world.

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