Ephemeral Content – Why is Disappearing Content Here to Stay?


The dictionary defines Ephemeral as lasting for a very short time, but what does this mean when it is applied to digital marketing? Technically speaking, all forms of social media content are ephemeral, in the sense that either our attention to the content is short-lived, or the content itself disappears. But here we are talking solely about ephemeral content itself, the reasons for its huge popularity, and why your brand should make use of it. Potters Wheel Media, a premier digital marketing agency in Kerala provides you with an in-depth look into this phenomenon.

What is Ephemeral Content?

Ephemeral content is any content that is only temporarily accessible; this may be in the form of videos, photos, demos, live-streams, stories etc. The limited time allotment gives audiences a small window of time to view and engage. The most popular platforms currently prevalent include Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.

But Why Does it Work?

There are multiple reasons why this pattern of content works effectively with the audience.

1. Immediate response

The brief availability of the content urges viewers to respond quickly, this works as a powerful tactic in terms of engagement as well as encouraging sales in online shopping.

2. Audience engagement

Ephemeral posts/ads get a wider reach for a number of reasons. Stories posted by users show up on multiple platforms, thus enabling it to beat most algorithms and increase reach. This greatly increases engagement and gives you better leads.

3. Establishes Authenticity

Stories, live videos and snaps are a great way to showcase your unique personality as a brand. Not only does it make you more relatable to your audience, it also helps create camaraderie among your followers.

4. Boosts Sales

The fear of missing out serves as an excellent tactic to boost sales for your brand online. The limited time encourages audiences to make quick decisions when it comes to making purchases, signing up, downloading etc.

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