When we first met the internet in the 1990s, there was definitely a buzz of excitement. Still, we were still somewhat unaware of how our ways of consumption and communication were going to change forever. It has now been around a decade since the digital age has progressively been taking over the world by storm. From what we consume, how we consume it to how we even hear about it, the internet dictates everything we do. So, needless to say, as consumers and their habits change, businesses and their approaches follow suit. This is where the shiny new world of digital marketing comes in.

There are around 4.66 billion active internet users in the world; that is about 59.5% of our global population. This means that over half of our population has regular access to the digital world. Out of this, approximately 92% of users accessed the internet through their mobile phones. This amounts to a staggering number of people that have access to everything and anything online, at the palm of their hands. This completely changes the game of the businesses; and a good digital marketing agency is one that helps you change with it.

While on one hand, having an entire database of existing and potential customers opens up myriad channels of communication, it also implies that they have access to ALL information on the web. The risks of exposure, defamation and ridicule also increase proportionately. There are, however, ways to prevent or combat this situation. For e.g, agencies like Potters Wheel Media, hailed as one of the best digital marketing companies in Kochi, spend extensive time and effort into researching and studying the brand alongwith their customers to etch out a clear marketing strategy.

The concept of Digital Marketing is a simple one- use the internet and technology to help brands promote their products and connect to their customers. So, then, why do we need a dedicated Digital Marketing agency? Because it is also an industry that is constantly fluctuating. The rapidly evolving tastes of consumers, changing market trends and new marketing formulas require you to regularly update your strategies. This requires a dedicated team that understands the balance between the fluid dynamics of the market and your brand’s inherent identity. Potters Wheel Media takes their role as the best digital marketing agency in Kochi, very seriously. The way they maintain this title is by constantly researching several angles to always stay ahead of the game.