From snarky and sarcastic to LOL hilarious, memes are the new digital language. What started out as a harmless way to communicate inside jokes has now become a global marketing phenomenon. The average millennial comes across around 20-30 memes a day, and with the millennials ruling the generation, meme culture has undeniably turned into a way of life. Almost all  information today is transmitted in the form of Memes; from news and politics to movies and trolling, nothing is off the table, as long as it’s funny.

So why are memes so popular? Perhaps because of it’s uniquely relatable content in a relatively simple format, memes have a distinctive charm that help them reach across different demographics. They also have the advantage of being used, relayed, shared and reused hundreds of times before they wear off. And with the majority of users constantly ‘memeing’, it didn’t take long for digital marketers to take notice. Memes are being used increasingly to communicate with the audience and keep them engaged. Simply put, meme marketing is one of the economical and most accessible methods of marketing. You can create a whole range of memes and  increase your return on investment. On an average, memes get ten times more reach with around 60% organic engagement.

As of 2020, Indians were the largest users of social media apps like Facebook, TikTok, and WhatsApp with the average user spending at least 3 hours a day on social media. This probably contributes to the reason why memes are a powerful medium of marketing in India. A large number of social media users translates into a large audience. Kerala in particular has found a whole new wave of meme artists with astounding creativity. So it is no wonder that almost every digital marketing agency in Kochi is joining the bandwagon. One of the reason Potters Wheel Media remains the best digital marketing company in Kochi is due to our ability to keep up with the times and embrace the change. Memes are a fast and easy way for consumers to respond to brands and businesses, so implementing meme marketing into the digital marketing aspect of your business is the only logical step.