The New Tomorrow- Kerala in the Digital Age

A Different Time

While digital marketing has been around world for only about a decade now, the rapidly growing sector has completely transformed the landscape of the marketing industry. With almost 59.5% of the global population having access to the internet, it is safe to say that the world is online. Smartphones, computers, laptops etc. have ensured that we are always connected to the world. According to reports, as of 2021, the average person spends around 145 minutes on social media everyday! So it comes as no surprise that brands want to be where their customers spend the most time- online.

A Pandemic Story

While the internet and digital marketing has been slowly infusing itself into our daily lives for a while now, the pandemic brought on a whole new game. In 2019, the world shutdown in one of the most terrifying calamities of our lifetime; and nobody was spared. As the country felt the full fury of the pandemic, Indian businesses faced a severe crunch. Companies were forced to shift to remote methods of working and adopt newer methods of operation. Everyone who is anyone turned to digital marketing companies.

A Necessary Move

Its small size, high literacy rate and vastly diverse population puts Kerala in a unique position in the digital arena. With a record high literacy rate and highly praised education system, Kerala has always successfully stayed ahead in all modern endeavours. Largely a consumer state, the Kerala market has no shortage of brands, businesses or customers. The covid-19 pandemic fueled the rise of the e-commerce sector. Even brands that were shy to stray from traditional marketing techniques have now understood the importance of a strong digital presence. As a leading digital marketing agency in Kerala, we understand that the Malayali audience is a highly aware and opinionated one. When targeting an audience that is this knowledgeable and socially conscious, it is imperative to understand the unique dynamic of the market; and at Potters Wheel Media, we know the importance of this. This is what makes us the best digital marketing agency in Kochi. We invest copious amounts of time in understanding and analyzing the market and current trends. We pay close attention to changes in tastes and preferences along with staying constantly updated with technological advancements so that you have the best chances of growing your business.