The holidays are an exciting time for everyone and businesses are no different. The bonuses and vacations make consumers happy and the extra disposable income has businesses smiling. However, retailers aren’t the only ones who get to have fun, service-based businesses can also greatly benefit from holiday promotions with the right strategies. The key is to find creative ways to boost your revenue and grow your business by using the seasonal charm to your advantage, and the best digital branding agency in Kerala has a few ideas-


1. Partner with Other Businesses
Partnering with other businesses that have a similar (but not identical) target audience is a great way to promote your company. For e.g, partnering with a retailer that complements your service can catapult you both into the spotlight.

2. Introduce New Services
If you are planning to introduce a new service or offer, plan it around the holiday season. It not only helps renew interest in your company but also attracts new customers at a point when they more inclined to spend money.

3. Reconnect with Customers
One of the best digital branding agencies in Kochi suggests giving gifts, souvenirs or even cards as warm reminders to your customers that you care; they help strengthen the existing relationship and  builds loyalty.

4. Offer Services as Gifts
Store bought items aren’t the only things that can be exchanged as gifts; put together packages, offers or samples of your services that customers can purchase for themselves or a loved one.

5. Sponsor Holiday Events or Charities
Look for opportunities that support causes that are in line with your company’s identity and vision. “Sponsoring local causes or running donations and volunteering are excellent ways to show your sense of social responsibility and integrity,” according a leading digital branding services agency in Kerala.

6. Offer Early Bird Sales
Early bird offers are a great way to entice customers; the reason they work so well is because customers like feeling like they are getting a bargain.

7. Partner with Influencers
People are more inclined to listen to a person’s personal experience when considering a service, this is precisely why influencers can be huge boost to your brand. As a company among the top digital branding services in Kerala, Potters Wheel Media considers influencers an essential marketing tool in todays world.