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Every brand is a personality and how it is shown and to whom is crucial in maintaining brand integrity.


What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management is an all encompassing term that refers to various tools and strategies that are employed to not only enhance your brand’s visibility, but also to portray it in the appropriate light for the target audience. At Potter’s Wheel, our Online Reputation Management services team takes over the narrative as we skillfully craft an identity for your brand that enables your customers to find and connect with you. An impeccable digital footprint assures more customer engagement and therefore, more sales.

Who is an Online Reputation Management Company?

Think of an Online Reputation Management Company as a personal stylist. An Online Reputation Management Company will ensure that every move is carefully monitored and meticulously managed to enable your brand to be seen in the most positive light. The Online Reputation Management services in Bangalore, division at Potter’s Wheel is solely dedicated to ensure that you look your very best.

How can an Online Reputation Management Company help you?

How can an Online Reputation Management Company help you?

Gone are the days when Public Relations and Reputation Management was reserved for or limited to big businesses and celebrity profiles. Earlier, a brand that did not deliver on it’s promise or compromised on ethical functioning would just be ignored or overlooked. However, in this era of the digital revolution, this customer is no longer a passive component but an active player in the market with feedback, opinions and a digital space to express them. Statistics show that over 90% of consumers start their customer journey with a Google search, which means that no business can afford to show up on Search Engines appearing unreliable and disreputable. This is precisely what makes Online Reputation Management crucial to businesses. At Potter’s Wheel, we assure that every aspect of how you are presented and seen is carefully curated to create and maintain connectivity with your audience.

What does an Online Reputation Management Company do?

Online Reputation Management Services Include

Promoting a positive online identity

Optimizing positive web content

Removal/suppression of negative online search results

Protection of privacy

Remove/bury ripoff reports and online complaints

Defend against smear campaigns by rivals

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